'Trail Blazing', by Kathy Doughty

Kathy Doughty (from Material Obsessions in Sydney) has a new range of fabric which we received just the other day. There are soft pinks, greens, and blues against strong greys/blacks, maroons, and purples. Strong geometrics encompass soft organic shapes. There is the most striking patterned bird (with a crown), framed by reeds. The possibilities are endlessly creative, and we have the whole range in store. Kathy will be teaching at Hettie's Patch in a weekend workshop in August. She is a fantastic teacher with bold ideas on colour and pattern and if you haven't been taught by her before, here is an opportunity to learn from an amazing quilt maker  (not to mention the books she's written, and fabric ranges she's designed). If you have taken one of her classes and you feel the need to be inspired again (and you will be), please join us, there is always more to learn and more fun to have! I'll post details of the project when it becomes available.

trail blazing