Sunday Peace

Now if I could have excluded all of the little voices of the school children that were visiting the art gallery the other day, I could have been swallowed up the peace. The Tarnanthi exhibition at the Art Gallery of SA is a sight to be seen. Sitting in dimly lit rooms in front of these huge yet finely detailed paintings I could ponder for an age. The second room had round painted canvases that hung like skirts from the ceiling. I did look underneath the 'skirts', (in my defence, so did the next lady who walked in) and I can report, there is nothing to see there. Upstairs is the work of master weaver Yvonne Koolmatrie who weaves from plants grown on the Murray River edge. There are eel traps hanging eerily from the ceiling, a 'circle of life' mat, and even a couple of hot air balloons, meticulously woven. The short documentary gives you an insight in to her patience and her will to create these pieces. No photos can be taken in this part of the exhibition or I would have inundated you with her work. 

We could all use a little more peace.