Kathy Doughty Workshop

The quilt we will be making in the weekend workshop in August will be a brand new design from Kathy's new book which is coming out next year. I cannot divulge the finished project, but I can paint you a picture if you can spare a moment.

Imagine a small gathering of colourfully dressed girls in dappled forrest sunlight. The sky is warm, the leaves are green, the party dresses are their favourites. The trees are filled with birds and curiosities. Gather your materials with your own story in mind to make the creation your own. Is your forest path light and airy or is it sinister and dark? Are your party dresses ethnic, traditional, or modern? What lives in your trees? Let your imagination go wild!

When you pick up your requirements list, we will give you further details of the project. If you would like to join us, you will truly create a quilt that is filled with your choice, your curiosities, and your imagination.