Happy 10th Birthday Hettie's Patch!

Mum (Lorraine) opened Hettie's Patch ten years ago today. The idea in the beginning was that because we loved all of these things, then surely other people would too. Over time the community of customers and teachers that has evolved is wonderful and always inspiring and I'm not sure it is something that we could have planned anyway. Without a doubt, though, the best thing about Hettie's Patch is our team. Every Hettie's Patch pattern, plan, and grand idea has arisen out of conversations over coffee with each other. Sometimes long, sometimes sidetracked, sometimes interrupted conversations, but always with coffee! So, here's a shout out to Mum, Aunty Kaye, Helen and Viv. Well done ladies, you're the best!   Amy xx

P.S. We will have a plan for our birthday celebrations, we just haven't realised it yet. I'll be in touch.    

tenth birthday