French General stitcheries

While I'm taking time off and thinking of France, I thought I'd show you this stitchery that I've also just finished. Designed by French General for their chateau getaway, I began this stitchery in a cafe in a town called Montpezat while drinking cans of soft drink and trying to stay out of the sun. The words are stitched in shasiko thread which we had woad dyed whilst on that trip. On 'woad day' all of the women gather in the forrest behind Chateau Dumas and dip and soak fabric and fibres in big vats of blue water, holding the objects down with long sticks until they are done. Then the textiles are then strung from the lines between the trees to dry. The bees are buzzing, the sunlight is dappled, and everything changes from white to blue. Gorgeous.