Folk Art Revolution, by Kathy Doughty

Kathy Doughty's new range has arrived and we have been busy whipping up a shop sample (not quite ready) to show you. This range includes simple folk art drawings which include villagers, birds, boats, and barns, also stems and stars, and then there are parrots and thistles. You can clearly see the fabrics that would make great borders and also that the parrot on the fractured geometric background would make a fabulous feature, and then there are some things that I found unexpectedly. Like the stars and stripes with the stems that as a whole, look like a flag, but when pulled apart, the possibilities are endless. I love the colours of the wedding ring of stems and leaves fabrics and the strong geometric style of the partial wagon wheel wheel fabrics. There is so much we can do, we have only just scratched the surface. I'll get back to you with the finished quilt top soon!