A Gift from Kaye

While the trip to France was being planned, (Aunty) Kaye wanted to make sure that every guest at the Chateau that week had a special gift from the Australians to take home with them. She made an absolute bundle of beautiful pin cushions out of French General fabric so that each person had a little something special from Hettie's Patch. An Australian gift to American women, on a trip to France. Yesterday afternoon at the Chateau, the air was warm, the women were gathered around the table set out in front, with a glass of wine, a pile of books to flick through, and maybe a stitch was stitched somewhere (but probably not). Out came the gifts from (Aunty) Kaye, and they loved them! You've done your part for international relations, well done!

(I wouldn't mind one myself, I'm just saying... :)  

Amy x

from france
Kaari and her French General pin cushion x

Kaari and her French General pin cushion x