Well.... we have been back from France for a week

Well.... we have been back from France for a week now and I think I am finally over the jet lag.  It's funny how that doesn't happen when you arrive at your holiday destination.  I don't know if it's because of the anticipation of a wonderful holiday or simply the fact that things catchup with you once you return home.

I have been going through my photos and reliving the fabulous days we spent in France.   Paris is amazing and will always be a favorite destination.  We walked a lot and visited as many little specialty shops as possible.  The French certainly have style which is evident wherever you go, whether it was a shop selling chocolates or a run down, very old building where we bought buckles and no one spoke English....  thank goodness for customers who are willing to translate for us.   I do have to say though that we didn't speak French, so if you ever go it's a good idea to at least learn combien (how much) and the numbers so you  know the price before you buy.  It always amazes me how small the shops can be and how treacherous the staircases are. 

The Chateau is another story....... I would willingly spend a week with French General there every year.  It is the most beautiful place near the town of Caussade.  The surrounding towns all have markets which we visited on various days.  Very few tourists are there, so you get the feel of  the day to day lives of the local people.  We were lucky to have Amy Butler with us for the week we were there and we did a couple of classes with her.  She showed us how to make a 'colour book' and we also made a cuff using her latest ribbon range.  We made a beaded headband with Kaari's friend Cathy and a paper feather with Kaari's mum, Kick.  As well as our woading day and a bit of jewellery making, we had a very full week.  It's fun at the markets to pick up small pieces of jewellery and buttons, keys etc to incorporate in the creative things we make.  I came home with bits of lace and ribbon and a very old (doesn't work), small fob watch to add to a neck chain. Very, very charming.

There is so much more to tell, but I just want to thank Kaari, Molly, Cathy and Kick (the French General team) and Lizzie, Christopher, Charlotte (the amazing cook), Flora (Charlotte's daughter and another amazing cook) and the rest of the staff at Chateau Dumas for an absolutely fabulous week........